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Trestle Board: Rising Sun #29 implemented the use of an electronic newsletter communication - The Trestle Board. The Trestle Board is published weekly to inform the Brethren and update the ongoing events and happenings of not only our Lodge but in Lodges in the 5th District and surrounding area. Reaching over 300 Brothers can now be done with the touch of a button, and in a flash, they all receive our weekly announcements, schedules and updates. In addition to being e-mailed, the current Trestle Board occupies its own page on this website. In 2012 we have already published 39 issues and over 128 issues have been published since inception in 2008.

Website Development - began breathing its first pixels of life in late 2011 and was released in Beta form in early 2012. Application was made to the Grand Lodge Internet Committee and within a few months it was approved and made its world internet debut. It has already become the Lodge hub of activity for information and media resources. The website will always be a work-in-progress, often updated daily, and will evolve to reflect the needs of our members and to promote Freemasonry. The 2,000th website visit happened in just 4 months - April 2012. The 25,000th milestone was reached on November 13, 2012. The 30,000th visit was reached in the first days of January, 2013. Visit us often and Thank You for your support and interest!

Mobile Web Browsing: We asked and they listened and in November 2012, (our web host) launched a free mobile version compatible with all smartphone and tablet devices. As we have developed into an on-the-go society, this mobile version solves the screen resolution issues and affords us the ability to reach our members virtually anywhere.

Website Music: In May, 2012, Brother Howie Damron granted us permission to incorporate onto our website (3) three of his inspirational and motivational Masonic songs - The Ring, Hiram's Call and I'm A Master Mason. Brother Damron is a celebrated Nashville recording artist and has toured with the Johnny Paycheck Band. Rising Sun Lodge raised over $600 through the sales of his CDs.

Favicon Issued: In early May, 2012, we applied for and were issued a favicon (favorite icon). Our favicon is a very, very small 16x16 pixel image of the Square & Compasses and is located in the left side of the address bar at the beginning of our url ( to distinguish us. It is visible on most internet browsers.

Google Places: In April 2012 we submitted documentation to Google Places and were approved. The search terms Rising Sun Lodge Decatur entered in the Google search engine will result in our Lodge being first on the list and a link to our website. A clickable map with driving directions and photos of the Lodge (including our beautiful neon sign aglow at night) is included with the results at the top of the page.

MapQuest: In July, 2012, MapQuest congratulated us that our listing had been classified as "Live".

Traditional Lodge Informtion There has been some expressed interest in the Traditional or 'Observant' Lodge concept.
CLICK HERE for an 8-Step guide/explanation and parameters of this growing interest among Masons.

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