Smoked Boston Butts

Boston Butt Sale: Smoke rose above the lodge on Friday, June 20, 2012, and all through the night our pit meisters stoked the fires and tended the 3 smokers. Saturday morning we distributed over 250 succulent, moist and delicious Boston Butts. Conducted at least once a year, some may argue that Alabama is the king of grilling, but we at Rising Sun like to dispute that by claiming our own fame to the flame. We know how to cook a Butt, and local folks will agree. Rising Sun Lodge #29 always hosts a breakfast that Saturday morning.
March 14-15, 2014 - The 4 custom built, behemoth, smoke belching monster cookers were given their inaugural test and more than 200 Boston Butts were cooked to perfection.  

Smoker/Cooker Project: The 4 behemoth, hickory eating, smoke belching monster tank cookers have been designed, assembled, sand-blasted, painted with 1000º black paint, and installed on a poured and sealed concrete pad behind the Lodge on November 22. This massive project began in mid-2013 and involved a workforce of dozens. Brother Tim Shaneyfelt helped design the cookers and donated his time and facilities for cutting, welding and assembly. In appreciation, the Lodge recognized his contributions with a Perpetual Membership. All that remains is to erect an awning and to unload a delivery of oak and hickory. These smoker/cookers will handle our Boston Butt cooks for decades to come. Yes! Were still receiving contributions to help offset the costs and you may CLICK HERE to donate. Remember, no donation is too small and a $500 donation will allow you to name one of these beasts. We have only 2 remaining to be named so, DONATE TODAY! 

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