2015 - 2016  OFFICERS

Worshipful Master
 Kayle Wooten

Senior Warden
Claude Neal Hudson, GH

Junior Warden
Dustin Free

Larry Keen

James D. Glenn, PM

Virgil Weaver, PM

Cole Smith

Senior Deacon
Larry Schmidt

Junior Deacon
Parker Moore

Senior Steward
William Gay

Junior Steward
Bob White 

William Crowden

Sandy Sanford  

NOTE: It is NOT OK to solicit any name, number, or email address on this list. Rising Sun Lodge #29 reserves all rights to take legal action concerning misappropriation of this information, and has NOT authorized the release of this information to any third party. All information listed below is intended to serve as a direct line of communication between members of the Masonic Fraternity, or those truthfully seeking more information on how to become a member.
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