Memorial Events

Funerals: Rising Sun No. 29 conducted 3 funerals in 2011. In 2012 we have had 10 Brothers join the Celestial Lodge and we have conducted funerals for 5 of them with graveside Masonic Rites. These Brothers will forever be missed. With tragedy comes honor, however, and we are proud of their service to this fraternity. They were given full Masonic ceremonies and burials, wearing their aprons, and it was apparent to all that their love and devotion to this brotherhood helped guide them through life. May they rest in peace, we love you. We were deeply saddened to learn that our Grand Master Charles A. Booker (1937-2013) passed away just 9 days after he was honored by a reception and dinner at Rising Sun Lodge on January 28, 2013. Brother Booker is the first sitting Grand Master in over 75 years to pass away and Rising Sun Lodge sent a spray of flowers for his funeral.
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