Community & Civic Events

Christmas Parade: The Jaycees conduct an annual Christmas Parade through downtown Decatur. Monday, December 3, 2012, the Rising Sun Lodge No. 29 Christmas Float followed the parade through the streets of downtown Decatur, Alabama all the while waving at the revelers and distributing candy to the eager children young and old. The Cahaba Shrine Club joined us and entertained the crowd with their precision motorcycle riding with weaves, turns and circles. After the parade, we always return to the lodge for a piping hot bowl of RWSGW John Strickling’s famous chili.


Adopt-An-Area: In cooperation with the City of Decatur Landscape & Beautification Department, our Lodge has been approved for and granted a perfect Adopt-An-Area. The area is designated to be on Central Parkway from the Decatur Animal Shelter to Clearview Street around Wilson Morgan Lake. Two PUT LITTER In It's Place! Thanks To Rising Sun Lodge #29 signs were erected at each end of our area Wednesday, July 18, 2012. In a continuing effort to increase public awareness, community involvement and civic contributions, this area will give us very good exposure. It's a beautiful, safe walking trail in a very high traffic area. Yes! This will be a family event - the more the merrier! Don't forget the duck and goose food! In August 2012, we received a letter of appreciation from Mrs. Yvonne Krenkle, Director of Decatur Beautification Department, for the great job we are doing keeping OUR area clean. 

Child I.D. Program: This is a program conducted by the Grand Lodge Youth Committee. It is a FREE program sponsored by the Grand Lodge to provide parents a CD with their child's photo, electronic fingerprints, video with sound interview and other pertinent identification information. The parents of a missing child provide the information packet containing the CD to law enforcement agencies to assist in locating the child. It is a very simple, menu driven computer program that takes about 10 minutes. The forms, CD's and computer equipment are available FREE to the Lodge and registration is FREE to the parents. The administering Lodge only retains the parental signature portion of the application form. The remainder is enclosed in the packet. The computer memory is purged and no information on any child is retained. We are currently exploring opportunities to utilize this program to contribute to youth programs in our in schools, churches and communities. CLICK HERE to be re-directed to the Alabama Grand Lodge site for more information. UPDATE - We met with the Morgan County School Board in September, 2012, and received a request to implement the program. 431 children were ID'ed at Priceville Elementary on October 1, 2 and 4 and at Laceys Spring Elementary on October 8, 2012. The Decatur Daily newspaper published an article about Rising Sun Lodge administering the Child I.D. Program at Priceville Elementary School in the Tuesday, October 2 edition, page 9. WHNT Chanel 19 aired an interview with RWJGW John Strickling during the 6 pm broadcast on Monday, October 1. On Tuesday, October 9, Brother Strickling was featured on WYAM-TV 51 for a live on-the-air interview with Suzie Wiley. We were at Priceville Junior High School Tuesday, December 4, 2012 to administer the program to 37 students.

Civic Awareness:  Rising Sun Lodge has always graciously accepted invitations and opportunities to promote Masonry and foster a relationship with Decatur's civic and fraternal organizations.  On Monday, August 5, 2013 RWSGW John Strickling was the keynote speaker at the Rotary Club luncheon.  His very informative and well received lecture brought Masonry from it's historical beginnings to modern day and culminated with a description of the Child I.D. Program.  On being asked to arise, over a dozen Rotary members in attendance were Masons.  You may read and copy/download a copy of his speech by clickingHERE.

On Thursday, November 7, Brother George Mills, PM was the invited guest speaker at the Kiwanis Luncheon. Brother George kept the audience mesmerized with a half-hour speech on WWII and his capture by the Nazis.
CLICK HERE for a first-hand guided tour back in time behind the lines as a POW.

Historical Marker - Founders Park:  On Monday, April 7, 2014, the Decatur City Council voted 5-0 to erect a historical marker to Rising Sun Lodge No. 29 at Founders Park across from the Old State Bank. This marker is sponsored by the Alabama Historical Association and endorsed by the Morgan County Archives. This marker is funded through the generosity of George Flavious Mills, PM, a WWII Hero and POW. A dedication ceremony was held Friday, August 15 (3RD FRIDAY DOWNTOWN DECATUR) with 100's of Masons marching in procession to the sweet sound of "Dixie" from the bagpipe of Brother Jim MacRae.
Grand Master Lane Weatherbee was the keynote speaker with Senator Arthur Orr, Decatur Mayor Don Kyle and Archivist John Allison addressing the assembly. The event was emceed by Brother Judge David Breland.
To read, copy or download the Marker text click 
Marker To Recognize Lodge's Contributions by Staff Writer Diangelo McDaniel was printed in The Decatur Daily 7-3-2014. You may read, copy or download this article by clicking HERE.
The History Of Decatur Was Set In Stone By Masons - WAFF TV aired this segment of Bobby's Bamaon August 22.

The entire procession and dedication ceremony was captured on video (over 35 minutes) by our Secretary, Brother David Glenn, PM and may be viewed by clicking HERE.
To be redirected to a 12 minute slideshow composite of over 200 images click HERE.

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