2012 Web Site Awards: We are very grateful for the international recognition our website has received from the Brethren of Lodge Anima 1223 in Glasgow, Scotland. They have bestowed upon us their 2012 GREAT MASONIC WEBSITE AWARD.

  • “From the Lodge Anima 1223 Webmaster: 
  • “I have had much pleasure in looking at your site and feel it more than worthy of our award….”

Rising Sun Lodge strives to make an interesting and informative website for our Brethren and visitors. We are proud to be recognized by for meeting these high standards and honored to receive their 2012 THE BLUES AND GRAYS OUTSTANDING SITE AWARD.

On November 11, 2012, we were awarded the George Washington Past Master Award.

This award was given 8 times in 2009, 9 times in 2010, 1 time in 2011 and we are currently the only 2012 recipient.

2011 & 2012 Mark Twain Masonic Awareness Award Winner: In 2011, Rising Sun Lodge No. 29 was 1 of the 18 nationwide recipients of this prestigious award. For the second consecutive year we have achieved the distinction of being 1 of 22 nationwide recipients of this award. The Masonic Information Center (MIC) sponsors the Mark Twain Masonic Awareness Award to recognize lodges that have demonstrated exemplary work in constructing a positive Masonic identity within the lodge and for the local community. The 2011 award was presented at the 192nd Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Alabama. Freemasons For Dummies posted a Blog on April 4, 2012 describing the criteria for the Mark Twain Award and congratulated Rising Sun Lodge and the other 17 2011 winners.

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